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Parpaing 7. Musette Maximum 8. Himalaya Massive Ritual 9. Lost in Introspection 10.

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2. Illusorisk syn på döden 06:10. 3. Jag är inte rädd för dig 08:16. 4. Murphy, Versus The Resistance, 2020 (Artlinks) CD, Spotify, Bandcamp 4.

30 Dec 2013 Lustmord "Y Gair (Extract)" Album: The Word As Power (2013) Label: Blackest Ever Black  Lustmord.

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"These range from activity recorded live on location in 1980-81 (sections 1, 2 & 6) to material recorded at the facilities of E.M.S. London in March 1981. A couple of my very favorite artists released new albums this week, coincidentally! Elsiane, whom I’ve done two remixes for, which you can hear on my SoundCloud; and B. Lustmord, who did the mastering for my new single ‘Crawling Out/On My Knees’, which you can hear on my Bandcamp.

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Touch-Release 5. Geode 6. The Other Side of Twilight 7. Nesting On Cliffsides 8. Morphology 9. Edge of Nowhere Recorded on May 15, 2010 in New Jersey, USA as part of Darren Bergstein's home concert series "One Thousand Pulses", masterful electronic musician Robert Rich set the surrounding environs to light Comment by Benjamin Brust 1. Classic Lovecraft quote, I love it.

Revelation 2. Hanstown Kills 3. Discernment 4. Eden 5. Awakening 6. Accursed 7.
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Lustmord bandcamp


The album is carefully mastered by Peter Andersson(raison d'etre). Artwork Cold Graves.
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GG Allin, Beherit, Akitsa, Lustmord(ny platta ute) och annat gemytligt. check out: Wraith / 36 21:43 6. elemental trigger / robert rich & brian lustmord 26:39 7. 30 januari 2015 kl. 23:30. zergrush Kille, 39 år.

Black- och Death metal: den stora rekommendationstråden

Lustmord performs live around the world at select locations such as appearances at disused power stations, mines, churches, film theaters and a cemetery. Collaborations include a diverse group of artists including Tool , Melvins , Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit), Paul Haslinger , Maynard James Keenan , Chris & Cosey (Throbbing Gristle) and Karin Park amongst many others. Comment by Benjamin Brust 1. Classic Lovecraft quote, I love it.

Also being made available via iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, Pandora and Tidal. Live Video .